Umbraco development tips and tricks

Umbraco 4.0+ introduced the ability to inherit document types. This is a great feature for keeping document types consistent between pages and even between sites.

I find that 95% of my document types share the same properties. Once you have discovered what these properties are create a new document type that contains these properties. For my sites this generally contains:

* Page header
* Body text
* Page title
* meta description
* and the Umbraco hidden page switch (umbracoNaviHide)

Now when you go to create a new document type set its master document type to be Page.


Most of you are probably already using this feature. My simple tip is once you have created a Page document type, right click on it and export it to file.

Now whenever you start a new Umbraco project, right click on document types and import the file into your new project. This will keep your document properties consistent between projects.