Computer & Telephone Services were an existing client who urgently needed a new website to promote a new product.  The client request was to create a design based on the look of their existing website: CTS. The new website follows the style of the parent website, has a fresh look and strongly represents the new fibresmart brand.

This project was a success because of open communication between our client, our designer and ourselves.  The website has already brought new customers to the client.

Glacier Rock Gallery B&B

Glacier -Rock BnB

The customer requirements were very specific for this project - a clean, minimalist design; no embellishments or patterns; let the images be the central focus for the design.

We created a one page website, which is quite unusual for an accommodation provider, with large images, lots of white space and very simple navigation. The result reveals stunning imagery - both photography and the customers own artwork, movement on the page is smooth, elegant and portrays the customer's ethos of simple food and quality service in elegant, comfortable surroundings.

Glacier Rock Gallery B&B