Glacier Rock Gallery B&B

Glacier -Rock BnB

The customer requirements were very specific for this project - a clean, minimalist design; no embellishments or patterns; let the images be the central focus for the design.

We created a one page website, which is quite unusual for an accommodation provider, with large images, lots of white space and very simple navigation. The result reveals stunning imagery - both photography and the customers own artwork, movement on the page is smooth, elegant and portrays the customer's ethos of simple food and quality service in elegant, comfortable surroundings.

Glacier Rock Gallery B&B

Flash 24.7

Flash 247

This website was built in umbraco using a design provided by the client.

In collaboration with the designer, who provided the design in photoshop, we broke down the layers into their individual elements, which makes the website technically searchable, with very clean code and is very easy to maintain and modify.

Flash 24/7

Browning Architects - Timaru

Browning Architects

The purpose of this website is to promote an architectual business by displaying the client's portfolio of projects.

The design of this site focused on having the absolute minimum number of pages as possible as well as a fast loading image gallery.

The technical bits:
The website was developed in Umbraco and utilises the DAMP package for easy image loading by the client and fast image loading. It is entirely Razor driven (no XSLT) and uses jQuery & jQuery cycle for the image gallery.

Browning Architects

Geraldine Auto Restorations

Geraldine Auto Restorations

We've just launched an umbraco CMS website for Geraldine Auto Restorations.  They have a large gallery of work-in-progress, and the images are incredibly fast loading. It features a new media plug-in where the user can crop thumbnails (see the image above) from the larger image within the website, so there's no need for photo manipulation software, with the added bonus of reducing image duplication within the CMS.

Geraldine Auto Restorations

Umbraco development tips and tricks

Umbraco 4.0+ introduced the ability to inherit document types. This is a great feature for keeping document types consistent between pages and even between sites.

I find that 95% of my document types share the same properties. Once you have discovered what these properties are create a new document type that contains these properties. For my sites this generally contains:

* Page header
* Body text
* Page title
* meta description
* and the Umbraco hidden page switch (umbracoNaviHide)

Now when you go to create a new document type set its master document type to be Page.


Most of you are probably already using this feature. My simple tip is once you have created a Page document type, right click on it and export it to file.

Now whenever you start a new Umbraco project, right click on document types and import the file into your new project. This will keep your document properties consistent between projects.