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Availo are a leading hosting provider located in Sweden. They contacted Theodor from Aktiebolaget Normal Design to assist with a redesign of their current site.

Theo & I have worked on many sites together and we quickly determined Umbraco would be a perfect fit for Availo. 

At a distance of approximately 18,000kms and a time difference of 10-12 hours (depending on DST) there wouldn't be many development teams further apart. With Skype, communication is easy and frequent, and we find the time difference can work to our advantage. We can discuss changes and updates at the beginning of work day and they can be ready for testing when Theo starts work the next day.

Technical Details

In order to allow Availo maximum control over the layout of the pages within the site we implemented a series of nodes (document types) that are rendered as Pages or Sections. A Page can have any number of sections. For example, http://www.availo.se/ consists of a slideshow section, a 1 column content section and a 2 column content section. This allows Availo to build up a page without having to set up HTML tables.

The site uses Umbraco Contour for the forms and also uses jQuery for the slideshows, menus and some smoothing effects on hover of anchors.

Packages Used: We use the DAMP package for managing images, especially those that will appear on slideshows and we use the 301 URL Tracker package to help map redirects from the old site to the new structure.



Educational Vantage

Educational _Vantage

This website brings the three brands of Educational Colours, Learning Can Be Fun and Top Class Products under one umbrella. The website features a secure members-only login and a 387 page-flipping product catalogue using ISSUU.com. Website design by UNO Graphic Design, Melbourne.

Educational Vantage



Computer & Telephone Services were an existing client who urgently needed a new website to promote a new product.  The client request was to create a design based on the look of their existing website: CTS. The new website follows the style of the parent website, has a fresh look and strongly represents the new fibresmart brand.

This project was a success because of open communication between our client, our designer and ourselves.  The website has already brought new customers to the client.