Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions

Meta data is information embedded in the code of the website that is not visible on the screen. However it plays a huge role in Google's algorithm for website rankings.

There are two very important components in the metadata that should always be completed - Title and Description. The third component of meta data - Keywords is not as important as this does not make much difference in the rankings.

Titles are incredibly important. This is the first indicator to Google's 'crawlers' about what your website is all about. A short (50 - 66 characters) title should be entered against every page in your website. Google truncates after 66 characters. The title displays in the top corner of your browser AND in the Google search results - so is also useful to customers who are looking for the most appropriate site to select.

Image 1: Title at the top of the browser


Image 2: Google search results for keyword "Skiing"

Google Search Results

A meta description is the information about your site that Google displays in the search results (In Image 2 this is the smaller black font). It should be around 150 characters long, and be informative about what you are offering and compelling to attract customers to your site.

To update your metadata in umbraco go to each page in turn and select the 'Meta' Data' tab (see below). Make your changes and save and publish in the normal way. It's that easy. It will take longer to read this blog than to actually do it!

umbraco editor

The next step is to be very patient. It will take some time for the updates to show up on Google.